4/19/17 Today’s Stuff

  1. During practice time I worked on the Odyssey Program, watching a video explaining the difference and similarities regarding current and past pop culture to the story of Odysseus.
    • One of the examples given is the Movie and Book Series of Star Wars
      • Explains that the two stories vary
  2. What I managed to learn from the video is that both pop culture and Ancient culture focused and labeled things differently
    1. Example: Ancient culture labeled heroes by their skills and amount using them to their own advantage, where as pop culture labeled heroes as people who sacrificed themselves for others, and provided better outcomes for others
  3. During application time, I finished the video and continued on with a few more for the sake of understanding the jist of the lesson, and something I could gain from to help analyze the story I plan to do so.
  4. What I learned from all the practice I’ve gained today, is that topics, specifically themes, of books could definitely have a different definition in other parts of the world. Which in terms would help with my own analyzation because the theme childhood could mean many things. So knowing that, I should probably narrow down how I define childhood when analyzing Woman Hollering Creek.

3/8/17 Math Standard Clarification

As of today, my set standards for this project will be:

The reasoning behind choosing these standards are two answers.

  1. I find it simpler to focus on more simpler and generalizable topics
  2. The standards I’ve been assigned are fairly understandable

Today I practiced my standards by re-informing myself on the topic of exponents. The specific videos I watched during practice time, were Exponentiation Warmup, and Intro to Exponents. In all I learned, that Exponentiation can be presented visually (I find that helpful), and the simple rules in exponents.

During application time, I brainstormed more ideas on my final product. Given the opportunity, I signed up for a wood workshop that I could use as a final product idea, although I’m not so sure about it. Either way, I’ll have more time to plan and finalize my idea in the following classes, as well as get help for anything I don’t understand.

What I learned from practice could help me in application to my project because I could use the knowledge of exponents to connect to the process of making my final product, whatever that will be.

3/6/17 Intro to New Standards

After reviewing certain standards and improvements after STAR testing, I was advised, and have now decided to alter my standards regarding my project from Reading and Literature, to Mathematics.

I’m still unsure of simple ideas for future projects, especially since I’m not a fan of math and am still shaky on most of the standards.

I’ve also been told to keep in mind the following questions regarding the rest of my entries (what I’ll be answering in every entry):

  1. What did you do during practice time?
  2. What did you learn during practice time?
  3. What did you do during application time?
  4. How did you use what you learned from practice during application

I unfortunately wasn’t able to use a standard suggested by my teachers to look for practices due to time restrictions, so I’ll make sure to have a set standard and begin practicing next class.