4/27/17 PBL and Reading

  1. What I worked on during 30 minute skill practice, was watch videos pertaining to the significance and need for setting, plot, and characters.
  2. What I learned through skills practice, is that EVERY story needs a plot, characters, and a setting. Some of those components may not work beautifully together, and controversy of genre comes in, but regardless, those three things are essential to a story or novel.
  3. During application time, I wasn’t able to find the specific short story on a PDF form, but I was able to find pieces of the story I remembered, pick out the components.
  4. How this will lesson will help my final project is, it gives me the knowledge of what I should be expecting of Sandra Cisneros short stories in her published novel Woman Hollering Creek.
    • What I did specifically, was study all components in one of her short stories, My Friend Lucy Who Smells Like Corn
      • Plot: Main character discusses a friend and her envy towards the way she lives her life
      • Characters: Lucy, and Narrator
      • Setting:  Mexico City

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