5/9/17 bleh

  1. Today I’m working on more analyzations of certain literature, and how to compare different styles of writing to each other, by watching a video on compass learning.
  2. What I’ve learned through practice time, is that to start analyzing there needs to be an overall theme or genre that relates to the story or plot.
  3.  During Application time

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4/27/17 PBL and Reading

  1. What I worked on during 30 minute skill practice, was watch videos pertaining to the significance and need for setting, plot, and characters.
  2. What I learned through skills practice, is that EVERY story needs a plot, characters, and a setting. Some of those components may not work beautifully together, and controversy of genre comes in, but regardless, those three things are essential to a story or novel.
  3. During application time, I wasn’t able to find the specific short story on a PDF form, but I was able to find pieces of the story I remembered, pick out the components.
  4. How this will lesson will help my final project is, it gives me the knowledge of what I should be expecting of Sandra Cisneros short stories in her published novel Woman Hollering Creek.
    • What I did specifically, was study all components in one of her short stories, My Friend Lucy Who Smells Like Corn
      • Plot: Main character discusses a friend and her envy towards the way she lives her life
      • Characters: Lucy, and Narrator
      • Setting:  Mexico City

4/25/17 Reading Standard Work

  1. During Practice Time I worked on practice and watched videos regarding citing textual evidence. The program I used to do this is called Compass Learning.
  2. What I have learned from this practice, is how to specifically site multiple sources, and their significance to papers.
  3. In application time, I read one of the short stories from Woman Hollering Creek and others to find the common theme of childhood.
  4. What I learned from my application time couldhelp

4/21/17 PBL- Reading Standards and Project Beginnings

  1. During practice time I watched more videos on Compass Learning, the video specifically being being about Greek and Latin Root Words.
  2. Throughout practice time I watched the video, as well as took a quiz regarding how well I was able to comprehend the concept of words and their roots, along with context clues.
  3. During Application time, I continued watching more videos, and skimmed through different stories I could use for my analysis of Woman Hollering Creek.
  4. What I learned could come in some use when analyzing the theme and supporting its significance, because some words could be looked at different in context, and knowing the definition and exact use in a passage or as in the whole novel, would give a better support to my project.

4/19/17 Today’s Stuff

  1. During practice time I worked on the Odyssey Program, watching a video explaining the difference and similarities regarding current and past pop culture to the story of Odysseus.
    • One of the examples given is the Movie and Book Series of Star Wars
      • Explains that the two stories vary
  2. What I managed to learn from the video is that both pop culture and Ancient culture focused and labeled things differently
    1. Example: Ancient culture labeled heroes by their skills and amount using them to their own advantage, where as pop culture labeled heroes as people who sacrificed themselves for others, and provided better outcomes for others
  3. During application time, I finished the video and continued on with a few more for the sake of understanding the jist of the lesson, and something I could gain from to help analyze the story I plan to do so.
  4. What I learned from all the practice I’ve gained today, is that topics, specifically themes, of books could definitely have a different definition in other parts of the world. Which in terms would help with my own analyzation because the theme childhood could mean many things. So knowing that, I should probably narrow down how I define childhood when analyzing Woman Hollering Creek.